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Family tries to identify son 5 weeks after fiery crash in Highland Park

staticwire | April 3, 2024
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The identity of the victim in a fiery crash in Highland Park, Michigan, remains unknown five weeks after the tragic incident occurred. The crash, involving a black Chevy Impala, took place on February 22nd on Davidson near the Lodge, resulting in the death of one person.

One grieving mother, Patricia Lyons, believes that the victim of the crash is her son, Christopher Lyons. She claims that the last time anyone saw or heard from Christopher was the day he purchased a 2012 black Chevy Impala, coincidentally the same day as the fatal accident.

Patricia has been relentless in her efforts to prove that the victim is indeed her son. She revealed that detectives had taken Christopher’s toothbrush weeks prior for DNA testing to confirm his identity. However, despite the passage of time, Patricia is still waiting for official confirmation as authorities indicate that the results need to be technically certified before being released.

The waiting period has been excruciating for Patricia and her family, as they are unable to proceed with funeral arrangements or find closure until the victim’s identity is confirmed. Patricia expressed that they are eager to honor her son’s memory and begin the grieving process promptly.

Christopher Lyons was a graduate of Southfield High School and went on to attend Oakland Community College before starting his own marketing business. His family is hopeful that they can move forward and find peace once the victim’s identity is officially confirmed.

FOX 2 Detroit attempted to reach out to the Highland Park Police Department for updates on the case, but as of Tuesday night, they were unable to obtain any information from authorities. The investigation into the fiery crash and the identity of the victim remains ongoing, leaving Patricia Lyons and her family waiting for the closure they desperately seek.

As the Lyons family continues to grapple with the uncertainty surrounding Christopher’s fate, they remain hopeful that the authorities will soon provide the necessary confirmation to allow them to lay their son to rest and begin the healing process. In the meantime, they hold onto memories of Christopher’s achievements and the legacy he leaves behind.

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