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Meet the man who won’t give up saying “these nuts.” | #shorts #keyandpeele

Briancrickman | April 3, 2024
Meet the man who won’t give up saying “these nuts.” | #shorts #keyandpeele

Written by Briancrickman


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  1. @user-vk9nn7cs9b

    April 3, 2024 at 2:51 am

    AVP 👽
    Yep 👍🏾 / the police are dirty…./ Well they don't get dirty …by themselves / who paid em / …big "Jules is here / but that's why y'all went through the masons // sweet / see well not / even better / see 🙈 the. Threats 🙀 ,the black agenda makes/ aren't "good behavior/ and If I …"ain't on my toes" /more danger 👍🏾 yep/ and ….the ✌🏾 after math(pregnancies) / you knoe cause …shrooms / me ,…asking / yeah / funny / ohh that's thr spit / / and who he hsd eaten with /
    P 🙅🏾🪧 FAKE🤥 ASS🐴
    Did you …help start any of the wars since 2016?/ stalling for a bus / you never intended to happen?/. Not feeding a … real person in need / but give😮 money to a drunk / or somebody you just want / to get in trouble?/ Then why shouldn't the kids be in New York? / … then how can you / be for any of those / … knowing you SoO MeAnT it / but cool /let's get to new york" / and talk about it ,
    Yep 👍🏾 / them saying there are for .. world 🌎 peace ✌🏾🕊️ / but when they found out it happened /and they weren't paying attention ,/ they .. started a bunch of smaller wars/ … cause …as human ,/ we've been at war ,…and slavery / at some from or anthoter / so it comescnaturaly to us/ … even evading and … saying things like / well its not fair/ even though / the winner got more out of it / than the actual victor / …but ??? who's counting ??? / ..denial … what come natural / <<< cog cramp/ yep 👍🏾 / I only have to worry about myself / but their dependency means / I got to worry about . for them / good dope shelter close , hygiene 🪥 and every accessory , need for each / / and I provide , so it's easy gir them (tupac) "just likr daddy"/ later//ohh and "Mayberry , was …. burying a hatchet 🪓 / so now the mason gave you permission / to kill me/ cause if you don't ,/ they'll probably die /

  2. @TheMrchuck2000

    April 3, 2024 at 2:51 am

    Jordan Peele can sometimes get this look in his eyes, this subtle glint of real insanity that just makes me bust-out laugh. It is just so original. The two of them together, the combination… just works so well.

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