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Savannah Fire continues to battle smoldering fire on Ogeechee Road

staticwire | April 3, 2024
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Savannah Fire Department Continues Efforts to Extinguish Accidental Brush Fire

Savannah, Georgia – The Savannah Fire Department remains dedicated to containing and extinguishing an accidental brush fire that has been burning for nearly a week at 4140 Ogeechee Road. The property, owned by Savannah Inert Incorporated, is a wood recycling business, where much of the product has been engulfed in flames since Tuesday, March 26.

Kelly Krantz, an employee at a nearby business, River Road Ready Mix, shared his insights into what may have caused the fire. He explained that the decomposition and moisture in the wood can lead to increased heat, especially when exposed to rain. Despite efforts to control the fire, including excavator digging, the blaze has proven difficult to contain due to its intensity.

This is not the first time the property has experienced a fire, as Krantz recalled a previous incident about a month ago. However, he reassured that their employees and business have not been significantly impacted, aside from the smoke inhalation.

The presence of nearby homes, such as those at Legends at Chatham apartment complex, has raised concerns among residents. While the management sent out alerts to residents, they remain vigilant as they can observe the smoke from their backyards. The Savannah Fire Department has been utilizing the apartment complex’s hydrants to combat the fire.

Russ Shuman, the owner of Savannah Inert Inc., expressed gratitude for the hard work of the Savannah Fire Department in containing the blaze. Collaborating closely with the firefighters, he emphasized their commitment to supporting the efforts to extinguish the fire.

Brian Gallagher, a representative from Savannah Fire, described the ongoing efforts as a waiting game, with firefighters monitoring the debris pile to ensure the flames are adequately controlled. As the hotspots continue to smolder, Savannah Fire personnel will remain on rotation until the fire is completely extinguished.

The community surrounding the incident has shown resilience and support for the firefighting efforts, with residents and businesses cooperating to mitigate any potential risks. The Savannah Fire Department’s dedication to ensuring the safety of the area and its residents is evident as they work tirelessly to bring the situation under control.

As the brush fire continues to burn, Savannah Fire Department remains steadfast in their commitment to extinguishing the flames and safeguarding the surrounding community from any potential harm. Through collaborative efforts and unwavering determination, the firefighters are making strides towards bringing the situation to a safe resolution.

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